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The Oxford Handbook of Phenomenological Psychopathology

New from Oxford Medicine

Edited by Giovanni Stanghellini, Matthew Broome, Anthony Vincent Fernandez, Paolo Fusar-Poli, Andrea Raballo, and René Rosfort

Hardback | 9780198803157
June 2019 | 1184 pages

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  • Includes a detailed, thorough and reader-friendly description of philosophical and clinical key-concepts and of the contributions of leading figures of phenomenological psychopathology, providing clinicians with a strong intellectual, epistemological and ethical background
  • Establishes clear connections between psychopathological knowledge and clinical practice (know-how) thus providing clinicians with useful person- based methods and concepts to approach patients in the diagnostic and therapeutic processes
  • Ties phenomenological psychopathology to contemporary debates in nosography, assessment, clinical epistemology, research and the neurosciences
  • The first ever comprehensive review of the field valuable for those in psychiatry, clinical psychology, and philosophy